“Dress for Success”

Business Casual, Dress Down Friday, Black Tie…… what do all of these terms mean? Dress Codes can be very ambiguous and subjective, unless they are spelled out.

Dressing for Success means you are a “team player” at work and when you are interviewing for a new job, you have to look like you will be a team player. Always know the dress code, and ALWAYS dress to make the best first impression, when interviewing. Go and research the environment “incognito” if you have to, or make a phone call, but do your research.

You are the face of the company you work for, you need to put your best face forward and present yourself in a conscientious way. You can look confident or careless. Whatever you do, you send a strong message to your employer.

See my style segment from “My West Michigan” on WZZM, an ABC affiliate.


Dress for the Job!

Are you looking for a job? Make sure that you make a conscious effort to dress for the job that you have, but also for the job you want.

If you are interviewing for a job, take the time to research the dress code at the company.

Also, make a visit to the business and see how those who already work there are dressed. Just like an actor that goes for an “audition” to win a coveted part, you must dress to an interview in a way that shows that you are a team player. You only have one chance to make a first impression!

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Fall is here!

I love Fall!

The crisp cool nights, are made for sleeping. The beautiful sunny days, changing colors, cups of hot cocoa and bringing back the great layering pieces and favorite boots I haven’t seen since March….. Actually June here in Michigan!

I know a lot of you out there love fall for another reason. Football!!

I have to admit that I don’t share that passion, but the one thing I am passionate about is making sure that you lovely ladies save the sweatshirts and pajama pants for the Saturday afternoon games in front of the TV screen.

Do yourself and every other spectator, a favor, by dressing to Show respect to your team! Who knows WHO you might meet?

Be a fan in a great pair of jeans in the right cut for you, but leave the oversized crew neck team apparel for the dog bed.

Pair your dark jeans with a tee shirt in the team color and a great short neutral blazer over top. Or a long sleeved knit top with a scarf , sporting your team colors or logo. Then instead of the ratty tennis shoes, how about a great boot. Tall or short, with slim jeans tucked in or baby boot cut jeans out, you will look put-together and give your team, and yourself, the respect you both deserve.

Put Your Best Feature Forward

Take a moment to think about your favorite physical feature. C’mon now, no self-deprecating attitudes…..

As you think of one great physical feature, decide how you want to play up that great feature.

If it’s a great neck, use a scoop or v-neck top to highlight. If it’s your bone structure, use a soft blush to highlight it. If you have gorgeous toned arms, make sure you wear a nice sleeveless top to show off your hard work.

If you are having difficulty thinking of one area, ask a friend or significant other what their favorite feature is on you, ( keep it appropriate😉) and work to let everyone you meet appreciate the ” beauty” that is YOU!

You are beautiful!